About me

luminous and emerald that's me - Sandra Regina Kuwartowski.

I began my career as a textile designer in 1991 at the Grennan Mill Craft School, in Thomastown, Ireland. In this converted water mill I was trained in weaving and printing.

The following year I went together with two fellow Grennan Mill students to the Edinburgh College of Art and Design to study at the Tapestry Department. The knotcraft that I learned there still plays a vital part in my own work today.

I continued my studies in textiles at the Hamburg University school of art and design. In 2000 I did an internship at Jakob Schlaepfer, the renowned creator of textiles for the Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture lines. I discovered a completely new world of textiles during my time in this magical ‘witches’ kitchen’ in which foils, sequins and metal fibres are transformed into textiles. I adorned myself with fabric remnants of a US Schlaepfer branch that went out of business at the time. This treasure, which I guard in three wooden boxes, has been a great source of inspiration for my own ideas for textiles ever since.

In 2001 I graduated in textiles design from the Hamburg University school of art and design after having spent a semester as an exchange student at the school of design in Basel. Later that year I was reunited with Basel.
I have been working as a self-employed textile designer ever since. In 2005 I created designs for the home textiles trade fair in Istanbul together with my friend Filiz Karahasanoglu.

The desire to create unique textiles that give daily pleasure at home and when going out is the essence of my label ‘luminous and emerald’.
For the home and kitchen range of my textiles I interweave finest merino, cotton and silk yarn. All of my hand printed fabrics are made of organic linen. However for the range of accessories my hunt for materials is given free rein. I collect everything that glitters and sparkles: from small antique buttons to sparkling Brummagem and from metal wool to curled fancy yarn.

I gain inspiration from vintage clothes, snippets of magazines, exhibitions, fairy tales, sayings, song lyrics, yarns and fabric remnants.

I often interweave these materials, images and texts with my own drawings to create collages and designs for fabrics and screenprint. During the weaving and bonding I decide spontaneously how to pixelate flowers and how to rhythmically arrange sequins.

With my textile creations I wish to render the sofa cosier, to embellish the cook and to adorn the Sunday dress.